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For Health Systems.

Improve patient outcomes by unlocking access to scalable, high quality mental healthcare while improving the health of your system.

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Improve whole person health, scalably and measurably.

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Impact the continuum of care to reduce staff and clinician burnout


Improve financial performance and operational efficiency.

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You're the safety net for a broken mental health system.

Roughly 60% of the 50 million Americans with mental health disorders do not get access to care they need given the shortage of mental health clinicians and financial barriers to care. Many present at health systems with their behavioral health care needs across the continuum given the relative accessibility. This includes emergency departments (EDs), acute inpatient units, physician offices and outpatient clinics. This poses a set of unique challenges: 

  • Workflow and Efficiency Problems: Untreated mental health needs leads to ED crowding, longer LOS, avoidable readmissions and throughput issues in the primary care setting with somatic complaints.

  • Financial Underperformance: Untreated mental health disorders contribute to increased utilization of high-cost services, resulting in lost revenue due to operational issues and negatively impacting margins.

  • Clinician Burnout: Health system staff are not set up to act as the safety net and triaging for those who need access to mental healthcare adds to clinician burnout and churn.

  • Quality Impact: Mental and physical health is bidirectional and leaving mental health untreated impacts physical health.

  • Staffing Challenges: Shortages of behavioral health clinicians make meeting mental health demand difficult, resulting in delayed care that adversely affects patients and healthcare systems. Some large systems have waiting backlogs of ~10,000 patients.

Collaborate with us to optimize operations, bolster financial health, expand market share, and elevate both the clinician and patient experiences.


Custom designed groups and MH staffing for your specific population where each clinician hour has an outsized impact to backlog and waitlists.


Turnkey, scalable, integrated staffing model at low time and capital investment

Improve ED operations.svg.png

Improved operations including better throughput, less crowding, fewer avoidable visits and better financial performance.

Improve Outcomes.svg.png

Improved clinical outcomes, improved operations, shorter lengths of stay, fewer inpatient readmissions.

Reduce Burnout.svg.png

Lowered pressure and burnout for non-MH medical staff that often are the safety net.

Improve fiscal health.svg.png

Improved fiscal health via lower costs, new revenue streams with strong margins, enhanced market share, lower clinician turnover.

Brush Strokes

Partner with us to implement and execute a scalable mental health program that keeps revenue within your healthcare organization by providing specialty services to your patients.

Our partner clinics employ highly specialized clinicians with advanced who deliver measurable, scalable care. The specialized workforce and the high touch services drives fit (strong therapeutic alliance). Examples include health psychologists and those with additional trainings in working with specific populations or specific language skills.


There is a huge shortage of clinicians, and this is even more true for these high-skilled professionals. The group model allows you to bridge this gap and give your population unparalled access to clincians where there may be better therapeutic alliance with a group model that expands your capacity per clinical hour.

Team Building Session

Customized to fit your population, including integrated care.

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We will work with you to understand the needs of your unique population and gather insights into the areas where needs are the highest across the care continuum. We'll then help you design and implement custom groups so you can have the biggest, and most immediate, impact on operations, backlog/waitlists, and quality of care. 

We wholeheartedly believe in whole-person care, so we'll work with you to understand the behavioral health needs of those with complex chronic comorbid physical and mental health disorders and design programs integrating in behavioral health.

The Altopax difference.

Specialized Network

Clinicians with advanced training and expertise.

Measurement Based Care

Dashboard with outcome and alliance tracking. More.

Confidentiality First Groups

Our tech (here) lets group members stay anonymous to each other so they feel safe.

Care Coordination

Staff to coordinate care with medical providers for complex populations.

Personalized Care Paths

Personalized psychoed, homeworks and skillbuilding for each individual.

Care Navigator

Staff to help find approprpriate level of care and refer out when needed.

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