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For Health Plans.

Give your members access to high quality, high availability mental healthcare.

Increase network adequacy with clincians that utilize the group platform, 6-8xing each clinician hour.

Our network of specialized BH clinicians use measurement based care tools to focus on outcomes. 

Potential of immediate cost savings of ~47% per member per session for over 40% of your membership.

Brush Strokes

A new paradigm of care.

A sizable percentage of your members who are in outpatient care, would be better served (better outcomes) in group therapy. Metanalysis shows group therapy is either more effective or just as effective as 1:1 care, but group therapy has been historically underutilized because of perceived lack of personalized attention and a lack of confidentiality.


For many Americans, 1:1 care is delivered by generalists where fit (therapeutic alliance) may not be great and the cost of it may not be aligned with value.


We flip this dynamic on its head with our partner clinics who:

  • Construct highly specific groups unlocked by confidentiality first platform

  • Deliver measurement based care 

  • Deliver better matched care with a specialty network driving strong therapeutic alliance.

  • Assign personalized homeworks, psychoeducation and skill building.

The Altopax difference.

Specialized Network

Clinicians with advanced training and expertise. 

Measurement Based Care

Dashboard with outcome and alliance tracking. More.

Confidentiality First Groups

Our tech (here) lets group members stay anonymous to each other so they feel safe.

Care Coordination

Staff to coordinate care with medical providers for complex populations.

Personalized Care Paths

Personalized psychoed, homeworks and skillbuilding for each individual.

Care Navigator

Staff to help find approprpriate level of care and refer out when needed.

Brush Strokes

Unlock a high performance, specialty network.

Our partner clinics employ highly specialized clinicians with advanced training who deliver measurable, scalable care. The specialized workforce and the high touch services drives fit (strong therapeutic alliance).

There is a huge shortage of clinicians, and this is even more true for these high-skilled professionals who are rarely in-network. The group model allows you to bridge this gap and give your members unparalled access to clincians where there may be better theraputic alliance with a group model that expands the capacity per clinical hour.

Customized solutions to fit your population.

Measuring Tape

Your membership is unique. Let us tailor group programming to have the highest impact to your members' needs and your financial and organizational health.

With our flexible partnership approach, we can work you to understand the profile of your membership and set up sub-specialty groups to best meet your members' needs and help you provide a great experience to your employer/government customers (i.e. depression groups for elementary school teachers or trauma groups for first responders) and they can access the wide array of other available groups.

We will work with you to identify and engage high-risk members and direct them to the right level of care. By helping your members access the right level of clinical care for their level of acuity, we strive to be a partner with you to achieve better, measurable outcomes at a lower cost.

Let's journey towards value.

We are true believers that high quality care is accessible, measurable and addresses whole-person care. To that end, our partner clinics:

  • Only have employed workforce (vs. contractors), with self-selection of clinicians who are not only willing to but want to drive forward measurement-based care and evidence based treatments.

  • Our tech stack enables measurement based care dashboards that are personalized, so we work to bring analytical and statistical rigor to a field that  historically has virtually none.  

  • We have a strong focus on integrated care and care coordination given the bidirectional nature of most chronic mental health and chronic physical disorders.

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