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Scaling quality mental healthcare while aligning payers, providers and patients.

We are a clinician-centered MSO that combines the right people and technology to help scale quality, measurable mental healthcare services while protecting provider wellbeing and reducing overall healthcare costs.

Brush Strokes

The status quo hurts.

Every year, 50 million Americans have a mental health disorder, but there are less than 600,000 mental health clinicians in the US. This shortage contributes to the 56% of people who do not get access to care. The 1:1 care model simply cannot meet our needs as a society.

Common pain points patients experience include:

Hard to Access

Clinician shortage means long waitlists and unreturned phone calls.

Unclear Results

Unlike other types of medical care, it is rare to see tracked outcomes

Poor Therapist Fit

Often, poor fit leads to people dropping out of therapy after just 1 session

Siloed Care

Poor coordination even with comorbid chronic conditions

One Size Fits All

Psychoeducation, homeworks and skill building are often generic.

Lost in system

Navigating the labrynth to get care is often worsens mental health.

Brush Strokes

We reimagine group-based care where we mix personalization, relevance, measurement and confidentiality.

Studies show group therapy is either more effective or just as effective as 1:1 care (see here), but group therapy has been historically underutilized in real world settings because of perceived lack of personalized attention, relevance and a lack of confidentiality. 


We flip this dynamic on its head with our partner clinics who:

  • Construct highly specific groups unlocked by confidentiality first platform

  • Deliver measurement based care 

  • Deliver better matched care with a specialty network driving strong therapeutic alliance.

  • Assign personalized homeworks, psychoeducation and skill building.

Confidentiality-first group tech unlocks access.


Our privacy-enhancing group therapy platform allows group members to remain anonymous to each other but still allows for non-verbal communcation via 3D avatars with real-time face mimicking. 

This unlocks group therapy without sacrificing confidentiality. Clinicians have access to safety features to deliver high quality care, while minimizing risk to the patient. 

A high performance, specialty network ensures fit.


Our partner clinics employ highly specialized clinicians with advanced training who deliver measurable, scalable care. The specialized workforce and the high touch services drives fit (strong therapeutic alliance). Examples include health psychologists and those with additional trainings in working with specific populations or specific language skills.


The group model combined with these typically hard-to-access clinicians leads to accessible, high quality care as it expands capacity per clinician hour while ensuring fit.

Measurement-based care tools, analytics dashboards and personalized care pathways drive quality.


We've built powerful tools to enable outcome, progress and goal tracking. The clinician dashboard alerts providers when progress or other key metrics deteriorates so that they can address any barriers to improvement and dynamically recalibrate when needed.

Customizable patient dashboards allow the clinician to send personalized homeworks, skill building exercises, psychoeducation and goal trackers to each person that fits their unique context.


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