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Getting better, together

We create solutions to improve access to behavioral healthcare. Our first solution is a novel virtual group therapy platform that finally makes groups feel safe, confidential, and importantly, personalized.


The status quo isn't working.

About 44 million American adults have a mental health issue every year, but 56% don’t get the care they need. Untreated mental health conditions can have any number of negative effects on a person, including an impact on their physical health.

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Access to care is poor. 

Finding affordable, relevant, convenient and evidence-based mental healthcare is like navigating a labyrinth for most people. The system is riddled with long wait times, high out-of-network costs, and a shortage of local mental health providers with the right expertise.

Our mission is to tackle the biggest barriers to care: cost, stigma, and local mental healthcare professional shortages. We believe everyone who needs it should be able access high quality, evidence-based care.

We make accessing tailored care easy.

Our technology platforms allow highly specialized mental healthcare providers to connect with the people who need care. These mental healthcare providers can also coordinate with any relevant medical providers to deliver the integrated care that people really need.


We combine care and community.

We believe in the power of community. Our proprietary group therapy platform allows people to get care with a cohort of peers who are experiencing the same behavioral health issues and/or chronic illness. People can get tailored care, while also getting the many benefits of group therapy. We use innovative technology to make remote treatment engaging and alleviate the concerns around confidentiality people have with traditional group therapy.

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